Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

4 Concept is careful to protect safety and privacy of your personal Detail. 4 Concept act in accordance of laws currently in force for the protection and safety of your personal details. We are confident that the policy outlined below will help you to understand what kind of data 4 Concept usually collect and with whom we may share it.

4 concept does not collect any of your personal detail (name, address, phone number, e-mail) unless you voluntary choose to provide. Any consent may be revoked at any time. You have the right to exercise the rights in accordance with Legislative decree 196/2003 - art. 7, in particular you will have the right to withdraw from registration at any time without any penalty.

In accordance with Legislative decree 196/2003 (Regulation on the protection of personal information), we indicate the purposes and methods of treatment wich are the personal data you may provide. Pursuant to atr. 11 of the above law, such data will be object of our data processing as defined by art. 4, paragraph 1, letter a) of the Act for purpose of: a) Verification of user satisfaction, market analysis and statistics. b) Inform on future commercial activities and announcements of new products, services and offers by other companies and not what we disclaim any responsibility for the sending of informative material or "spam" e-mail c) Promotional initiative and advertising 4 concept not in any case gather data "sensitive" in art. 62 of Legislative decree 196/2003. In holder of the processing of personal data and the person responsible for processing is 4 concept srl, with headquarters in via E. De Amicis, 25, 20123 Milano, in the person of its legal representative pro-tempore.

To protect your personal data against destruction, loss or accidental alteration and not against unauthorized disclosure or access, 4 concept has security measures of technical and organizational nature, preventing unauthorized access with regard to the management of collect data.

QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS 4 Concept undertakes to answer any question you may have about privacy and to do so in the shortest time possible in order to ensure the transparency of their commercial aims. It also undertakes to provide, through their means of communication with detailed information in the event of any changes to the next on privacy, caused by changes in business strategies or change the regulations currently in force. For more information, please contact us: 4 concept srl - via E. De Amicis, 25 - 20123 Milano.

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