Prosecco Canella Extra Dry



Winery :Casa Vinicola Canella

Luciano Canella, son of a couple who owned a bar in San Donà di Piave, started to order the wine for his parents in 1947. Right from the beginning, the selection and quality of the wines he chose set him apart, as did the importance he placed on the look of the bottles. All those he chose, in fact, had elegant labels, innovative shapes or particular designs. Canella started to specialize in producing sparkling wines and spumante, using the best grapes in the Piave district and Prosecco (aka Glera) grapes from the nearby hills of Conegliano e Valdobbiadene. He also became part of the body that controlled and safeguarded standards there. In 1994, his Prosecco D.O.C. was awarded the “Gran Medaglia d’Oro” at the Vinitaly event for being the best spumante produce by the Charmat method.

Location :San Donà di Piave - Venice - Veneto

Name :D.O.C. Prosecco

Grapes :100% Glera

Alcohol :11 % Vol.

Vinification :The Canella winery has always used grapes from historic growers in the high Marca Trevigiana area, that guarantee a consistent quality that stand up to the rigorous controls they are subjected to by Canella’s technicians. Once they have made it to the cellar, vinification is by the Charmat method in which the 2nd fermentation takes place in large vats.

Tasting Notes :A very pale yellow that is quite brilliant, with a frothy crown around the lip of the glass, with the typical fruity nose of prosecco that begins with light tones of pears and fresh, white fleshed fruit that then turns into something more floral, reminiscent of honeysuckle and jasmine. It captivates the palate, is never aggressive - a perfect balance between harshness and softness.