Paolo Rodaro Ribolla Gialla 2014



Winery :Paolo Rodaro

The first evidence of the Rodaro’s as wine producers dates back to 1846 in the Kingdom of Lombardy and Veneto, and they are proud to call themselves “Countrymen from Spessa”, a perfect description for people who have successfully adopted the modern mechanisms used to work the land without ever having lost or forgotten the old ways and the all-important relationship with the land. When he’s not in the spotlight, 6th generation Paolo Rodaro, a passionate and sensitive wine-maker and wine expert, spends his time researching and experimenting what can be done with the land and the vineyards. Throughout the 50 acres of the winery’s land he makes use of quality grafts taken from both international and native varietals. The vineyards - half planted with white and half red varietals - which cover the terraced hills of the Friuli Colli Orientali wine producing area are the most talked about in the area.

Location :Cividale del Friuli - Udine - Friuli - Venezia Giulia

Name :D.O.C. Friuli Colli Orientali Ribolla Gialla

Grapes :100% Ribolla Gialla

Alcohol :11,5 % Vol.

Vinification :Made solely from grapes from 25 year-old plants grown according to the Guyot system (trained on wires) on the hillside “Romain” vineyard, which are softly pressed and immediately drained before being allowed to ferment in steel vats at a controlled temperature of 19°. A further 12 months ageing ensures all the characteristics of a great native grape varietal are preserved.

Tasting Notes :The pale yellow colour and golden nuances bring to mind a good, flavoursome and fresh wine with lower alcohol content. The fruity aroma of quinces combines with a faint note of graphite, which is confirmed by its medium body and decidedly dry and sapid flavour to the palate.