Franciacorta Ca' Desiderio Satèn



Winery :Cà Desiderio is a wine that is the fine machining of Franciacorta vineyards, a liqueur designed and produced by one of the most famous wineries

Location :Paderno Franciacorta - Rodegno Saiano, Erbusco e Cologne - Brescia - Lombardia

Name :D.O.C.G. Franciacorta Satèn

Grapes :100% Chardonnay

Alchool :13% Vol.

Vinification :Harvested by hand in small boxes, very slow and soft pressing of whole bunches. In the months of March and Avril it is carried out the passage in the bottle for fermentation. The bottles are stored in rooms of aging at controlled temperature (12 ° - 14 °) for at least 36 months.

After this period, the Franciacorta D.O.C.G. Satèn Brut presents its particular flavor and aroma with a fine perlage.

Tasting :It is presented to particularly brilliant and bright view, and numerous tiny bubbles.

Delicate notes of broom, kiwi, beeswax and pearl barley. Extremely smooth and balanced