Winery :Castel Sallegg

The history of Sallegg Castle dates back to 1851 when surrounding properties with vineyards that had been acquired by Archduke Rainer of Austria, Viceroy of Lombardy and the Veneto were inherited by the Von Kuenburg Counts through Prince Enrico di Campofranco. The cellars, located inside the castle, bear witness to a country aristocracy for whom life in the castle went hand in hand with vineyards and the wine-making process.

Location :Caldaro - Bolzano - Alto Adige

Name :D.O.C Alto Adige Chardonnay

Grapes :100% Chardonnay

Alcohol :14 % Vol.

Vinification :Chardonnay grapes from different clones are grown in vineyards situated at a height of 550m and harvested at the perfect degree of ripeness during the second half of October. The must is cleared at a low temperature and then 90% of the resulting liquid is allowed to ferment in controlled temperatures ranging from 15-18°C with the remaining 15% is fermented in barriques (wood casks) before both elements are once again combined.

Tasting Notes :From the moment it first appears, this wine looks sophisticated. The floral and fruity bouquet also reveals a slightly toast-like note which is due to the time spent in wood barrels. The wine is quite forceful on the palate, yet also quite fine and harmonious. The fresh and long-lasting aromas make it a suitable accompaniment to strong-flavoured fish.