Castel Salegg Pinot nero 2014



Winery :Castel Sallegg

The history of Sallegg Castle dates back to 1851 when surrounding properties with vineyards that had been acquired by Archduke Rainer of Austria, Viceroy of Lombardy and the Veneto were inherited by the Von Kuenburg Counts through Prince Enrico di Campofranco. The cellars, located inside the castle, bear witness to a country aristocracy for whom life in the castle went hand in hand with vineyards and the wine-making process.

Location :Caldaro - Bolzano - Alto Adige

Name :D.O.C. Pinot Nero

Grapes :100% Pinot Nero

Alcohol :14 % Vol.

Vinification :A 15 day controlled fermentation at no more than

28°C, followed by biological acid degradation, in the

high-grade steel tank.

Maturation: 50% developed in the high-grade steel tank and 50% in the great wooden barrel

Tasting notes :Middle depth, ruby red colour with a garnet red

glimmer; typical clean flavour with an easy “earthy”

character; and an aroma of red berries, cherries and

spices. An undemanding pleasant full taste with a

balanced medium-firm body, the wine is fresh with

tasty tannin and with a good reverberation at the end