Winery :Alagna - Baglio Baiata

This winery came into being in the first half of the 20th century thanks to the hard work of its founder, Giuseppe Alagna, the first local person to recognise the potential of the wine market who used his farming and entrepreneurial expertise to launch his own winery. Today, it is Ercole Alagna who is carrying on the family traditions and continuing to innovate in an exemplary fashion.

Location :Marsala -Trapani - Sicily

Name :I.G.P. Sicilia Grillo

Grapes :100% Grillo

Alcohol :12,5 % Vol.

Vinification :Great respect for the vines and very carefully picked grapes and are the starting point for this wine, with vinification taking place in steel vats - no wood barrels are used at all and care is taken not to interfere with the bouquet. After fermentation, the wine is left in the bottle for a year before being placed on the market, so all wine sold one year belongs to the previous year’s harvest.

Tasting Notes :Golden yellow, elegant and inviting. Complex bouquet that is on the whole quite intense, with notes of almonds, jasmine and prickly pears. Penetrating and well-balanced to the palate in perfect harmony with olfactory sensations and a finish with a touch of sapidity.